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Orlando’s Trusted Construction Company

Leading Efficiency Design (LED) is committed to providing our customers with outstanding service. Let us be your partner when it comes to all of your commercial cleaning, electrical, drywall, and fixture installation needs.

Safety &


Dedicated Craftsmen

Committed to Customer Service

With the Right Team, Great Things Can Happen

We are committed to customer service and can assist with nearly any project – no matter how big or how small.  Your success is our success. LED is honored to assist customers in a way that can cultivate and grow personal connections that drive us all to do our best for our business, employees, and our communities.

What We Offer

Led by a team of leaders with years of experience, LED is a leading full-service electrical, drywall, and commercial cleaning company that offers every client excellent customer service and competitive pricing. Your success is our success. 




This is where it all started and we are excited to still be the chosen and trusted partner to serve all of Greater Orlando.




LED is committed to preventing the spread of COVID-19 and supporting your business in doing the same. Together we can make a difference!

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The LED drywall division is here to help with all of your project needs. We utilize established teams of dedicated craftsmen in order to smoothly and efficiently get projects completed with satisfaction.

High Profile Clients Who Trust Our Service

We make products that are dependable. We deliver what we promise. We strive for the highest quality possible.

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